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Mobile Website Compliance Equals Clicks

Posted Apr 17, 2015 in NEWS

In February 2015, Google announced plans to give websites with mobile-friendly features higher rankings in search engine returns. This mobile website compliance statement should have perked the ears of all Digital Advertising Agencies around the globe (or at least here in the Lehigh Valley). Considering the fact that 78 percent of searches performed on a mobile device result in an offline purchase, this ranking priority makes sense. While Google representatives would not give an exact figure, the company estimates approximately 50 percent of current searches are conducted on a smartphone or a tablet. This number is only expected to increase as mobile devices become commonplace around the world. Some research numbers indicate local search percentages are even higher.  Mobile Facts

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In terms of its own algorithm, Google looks favorably upon websites with links that are easy to click and contain text that is large enough for people to read clearly on their mobile devices. Another way to earn higher page rankings with Google is to create a website that is equally responsive. That means it uses the same URL whether the user is on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, but it responds to the request according to the screen size of the device used to access it. These are standard websites that are coded with a secondary style sheet (.CSS) to be “Responsive”.

Google Set to Penalize Websites for Non-Compliance

Starting in late April 2015, website owners who don’t make their sites more mobile-friendly can expect to be penalized by Google. Those who do nothing can expect to see a significant decline in their search engine optimization (SEO) rankings and subsequent sales. Even large companies like eBay who haven’t been responsive enough, have paid dearly. For example, eBay reported that it lost 80 percent of its prime rankings in the last update. Since the company also lost five percent of its growth in gross merchandise volume, the consequences of not making its website easier for mobile users to interact with were costly. Industry experts already predict that the impact of this latest algorithm change will be bigger than Panda and Penguin combined.

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