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Top 3 Instagram Tips for Business

Posted Apr 28, 2016 in STUFF



Did you know that Instagram is one of the best social media sites for getting your brand or product seen by the public? Not only is an account free but also it is easy to set up an official brand profile on Instagram. This means that your account’s page will have a link to bring viewers right to your web site. Think of your Instagram as a place to showcase photographs of your best products, announce new items, events or seasonal happenings at your business. It has never been easier to connect your brand with the masses.


Here are Agency P’s Top 3 Instagram Tips for Business:

  1. Save Precious Time by Linking Platforms
    One of the most important but often overlooked aspects of creating a new social media account is linking it to your other platforms. For example Instagram has integration to connect it right with your Facebook. Then every time you post on Instagram there is an option to also send the post to Facebook, or even Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. One stop shopping to get your entire social media posting done at once! Plus linking your account lets your followers see that you have joined and add your new account seamlessly.
  2. It’s All About the #Hashtags
    Instagram of all the social media platforms is very reliant on your hashtags. The proper use of them can draw new followers in as well as an advertisement, except these are free. So what is a proper hashtag? Hashtags are one word or short phrases that someone would use if they were searching for your content. Do you sell a product or service? Hashtag it. After each post use a hashtag that has your business name. Every post you make should have at least 3 hashtags but no more than 10, no need to appear spammy. Create tags describing what your post is about, what does the image you are posting portray, are your services offered in a certain region? You can create any hashtag in the world, and when you start to type it, you’ll see a number next to it showing how many times it has been used. Hone in on popular ones, stay relevant to your post and you are on the path to Instagram success!
  3. Motion is The New Big Thing
    Instagram recently started allowing users to post video as well as photographs. This means that if you post a video and hashtag it properly, it can reach out to masses like a moving billboard. Short clips work best, especially if they depict something interesting or colorful. Have a new product? Make a clip of it. Highlight something unique about it or show someone using it. Provide a service? Videos showing your team in action or that show your facility off as a polished professional space work great. Have any behind the scenes clips? Everyone loves those! Sprinkle video clips in with posting images regularly and you will create a dynamic Instagram wall that attracts followers to your page.

Check our our recent blog post to learn more about how to create effective #Hashtags for your business.


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