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Spring Cleaning Tips To Freshen Up Your Web Site

Posted May 23, 2016 in STUFF


Spring is here and it is time to dust off and update your web site! Here are three quick tips to help get you started:

  1. Start With The Basics
    This one is easy but often forgotten. Updating your contact details and About page is important to remember to do. It sets a bad first impression if a prospective client finds your site and then cannot get ahold of you because you changed your number or address but did not update it online. Also make sure that your contact details are easy to find, they should be clearly listed on either the front page, footer or a whole page designated for contact details. While you are at it a few other important things to update are your prices, events, team members and your list of products or services. Make checking these a part of your maintenance schedule and you will be on the right track to a clean web site.
  2. Be Social
    Do you use any social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? If so, double check that there are links (that work!) to them on your web site. It would be a shame for your beautiful Instagram feed to go unnoticed because no one can find it! Also, check that your social media accounts link back to your web site as well. For example, on Facebook you can even add a link to your site or a nifty shop button right to your page’s sidebar through the page manager. This way no matter how someone finds you, they are brought back to your web site where they can learn more about the product or service that you provide.
  3. Extra, Extra Read All About It
    So it’s been awhile since you dusted off the old web site. Do you have any milestones or updates to add to your News page? Maybe a Blog or two? If you have won any awards or achievements, launched a new product or added a new team member, your web site is the best place to let the world know. Engaging, fresh content will keep your followers checking back with you regularly. Want to increase the participation? Add the blog or news posts to your web site then add a short blurb about them to your Facebook or Twitter with a link back to the full article on your site. This will get the news out there while driving traffic back to your web site. It’s a win win!

An Up-To-Date Website and Social Presence Shows Your Business Cares About The Little Things.


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