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Search Engine Optimization

Congratulations, you have a beautiful, user-friendly and well developed website for your business! But if your potential new customers can’t find you when they are searching for your business or keyword relating to your business on Google, Bing or Yahoo, your website isn’t living up to its full potential! That’s where the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of measuring and tuning a website to improve the “organic” or “natural” search engine placement. As you may notice from your own Internet search habits, when you’re looking for a service, you rarely click to view the results from page 2. The first page of Google is where you want to be! Because your website’s organic ranking depends on many factors, including your local competition, there is no clear-cut equation to guarantee a #1 spot on Google. But there are many practices and in-depth steps that can be taken to greatly improve your organic ranking, and that’s where Agency P can help.


Determining whether or not you need SEO is a process of understanding your competition. Your search engine rank is determined by your online marketing effort compared with that of your competitors. Our marketing agents research your market and determine which keywords are best to optimize, as well as when additional SEO services will be beneficial. We’ll help you stay ahead of your competition!


A high ranking in Google proves to your customers that you are reliable and qualified, and that you have the products or services they are looking for! Taking the time to keep on top of your Internet presence and website practice shows your attention to detail, something very important when a potential customer is looking for serious and professional companies to work with. It’s the first step in building trust with your potential new clients! SEO practices are constantly changing, but at Agency P we have the tools and insight to keep up with the latest trends and follow Google’s best practices for ranking improvement.

Your ranking is critical to the growth of your business, so don’t just sit there and hope your ranking will improve, let our marketing agents take action for you!




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It has been a pleasure working with Agency P on countless assignments.  As a team they work great together and understand the digital space and where it is going.  If they can fit you in we highly recommend.


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As a small business owner I was looking for an agency that understands my business doesn’t close at 5:30pm. They are always available when I need them.

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We wanted a marketing agency that could handle website design, everyday maintenance, print and digital marketing.  Paul and company have been terrific for 10+ years.


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In only 3 months Agency P developed a 100% customized e-commerce platform that has scaled with our business magnificently.