Ever use a keyboard emoticon? Digital communication is a big part of everyday agency life. Letting the party on the other get a sense of mood adds a bit of fun as well as hitting the message home.

Even our fancy project management systems come equipped with a plethora of graphic emoticons, but there is something simple and elegant when using traditional keyboard emoticons. In today’s world of Snap Chat based personalized emoticons it may seem a bit old fashioned to get it done with two simple key strokes. So here are some of our favorite snazzy keyword emoticons you can start calling your own.

Anyone can have a cool keyboard emotion

Key tips for adding a keyboard emoticon

  • No spaces required. So don’t hit that space bar
  • Limit your message to 1 emoticon. It’s the classy thing to do.
  • Keep your emoticon light hearted. Whether happy or sad, do not use for overly sensitive matters.

Top 10 Keyboard Emoticons

  • Happy Emoticon  🙂
    colon + minus sign + close parentheses
  • Upset Emoticon  🙁
    colon + minus sign + open parentheses
  • Sad Emoticon  :’-(
    colon + apostrophe + minus sign + open parentheses
  • Playful Emoticon  😉
    semicolon + minus sign + close parentheses
  • Sunglasses Emoticon  B-)
    capital B + minus sign + close parentheses
  • Angry Emoticon  >:(
    greater than sign + colon + open parentheses
  • Embarrassed Emoticon  :-/
    colon + minus sign + backslash
  • Shocked Emoticon  :-O
    colon + minus sign + capital O
  • Confused Emoticon  :-S
    colon + minus sign + capital S
  • Kiss Emoticon  :-)*
    colon + minus sign + close parentheses + asterisk
  • Cheer Emoticon  \o/
    represent someone cheering with backslash + lowercase o + forward slash

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