Are you considering a new web framework for your business website? What are your options? What web framework offers the best value? What framework is the most scalable? What framework is the most supported? The quick and easy answer to all these questions is WordPress. It can handle virtually any size website.

WordPress Is Powered By PHP

WordPress is powered by PHP the world’s most dominant server-side programming language. PHP is used by over 83% of websites that leverage server-side languages. PHP is a simple, but powerful tool used by some of the largest websites in the world. These include: Facebook, Baidu and Wikipedia.

So What Are The Top WordPress Stats?

  • 19.5 Million global websites use WordPress – [1]
  • WordPress runs over 30% of the Internet – [2]
  • WordPress has a staggering 60% marketshare – [2]
  • has surpassed 1 Billion downloads [3]
  • gets more unique visitors (126/million) than Amazon (96 million) /month – [4]

What’s The Future Of WordPress?

The future of WP is quite bright. There is no denying the huge market that WordPress currently serves, but more importantly there is a massive development community which will ensure WordPress continues to grow and improve. As a small business there are no drawbacks to building a website application with WordPress. Best of all it can be 100% customized to meet your specific needs. With millions of WP developers like Agency P you can always find high quality development resources.

WordPress Stat Infographic